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NeoHealth L.L.C. is a medical innovation company that strives to use technology and innovative solutions to improve global health. We are focused on reducing the number of counterfeit drugs by utilizing a cheap, portable device and a software component in order to detect counterfeit drugs, specifically anti-malarials. 



We find innovative ways to use technology in order to help the lives of people globally. The solutions we create allow patients to live healthier lives while enabling health care professionals to provide seamless care. 



Rooted in science and technology, we strive to transform healthcare across the globe.

NeoHealth is focused on reducing the number of counterfeit drugs in the supply chain by utilizing a portable, cheap spectrometer that attaches to your phone. An estimated 1 in 10 drugs in developing countries are substandard or fake. This results in over 700,000 deaths annually solely due to fake antimalarials and tuberculosis drugs.


We’re here to solve this problem. Our technology helps patients ensure that their medications are legitimate while also monitoring the pharmaceutical supply chain from the manufacturer to the patient. By monitoring the supply chain, we can collect data to pinpoint where fraudulent medications are entering the supply chain in an effort to eliminate them before they come in contact with the patient.

"Turning this number of 116,000 annual deaths due to counterfeit antimalarial drugs in Sub-Saharan Africa, into zero..."

-Sujai Arakali, Co-Founder



Empathy helps us understand people’s health challenges and design patient-centered solutions that fit seamlessly into their lives. It inspires us to deliver the insights which foster collaboration at every level of the healthcare industry, improving outcomes for all. Empathy forms the bedrock of our company culture.


We believe that there is always a better, more efficient way.


We believe that we can solve any problem.


We believe that the technology we create, the insights we generate, and the good decisions we inspire will lead to a safer, healthier world.


We strive to build a community of innovators with a passion for improving global health.


We strive to open doors and build opportunities for those who want to enter the world of global health.




Derrell Chapman

Derrell Chapman serves as the Co-founder of NeoHealth. A recent graduate of The University of Michigan, where he received a degree in biochemistry and philosophy. Derrell started his journey in the sciences by doing botany and biochemistry research at the University of Michigan. He later gained biomedical engineering experience while helping to design a subcutaneous contraceptive insertion and removal device for  Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital in Accra, Ghana. 

Derrell's passion for health and medicine has led him to compete and win a number health and business competitions including the MIT's and the American College of Perioperative Medicine's Hacking Medicine, Johns Hopkin's MedHacks, Ann Arbor Health Hacks, The Michigan Business Challenge, and the Chinese Business Challenge.


Overall, his mission is to create a better world for those around him, while discovering the mysteries within medicine and biotechnology. 

Hometown: Flint, MI

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Sujai Arakali

Sujai Arakali serves as the Co-founder of Neohealth and is a rising senior at the University of Michigan studying Cell and Molecular Biology and Biomedical Engineering. He has always had a passion for design and innovation which led him to co-found a student organization called MedLaunch which designs assistive technology for local community partners with disabilities. He is also teaching a course in the fall of 2019 titled Biomedical Innovation: The History and Future of Treating Disease 

Sujai has won the Ann Arbor Health Hackathon twice as well as received a number of awards at the Michigan Business Challenge and 1st place at the China Business Challenge. 

His passion for addressing the problem of counterfeit drugs stemmed from reading about and speaking with individuals who recounted appalling anecdotes about how counterfeit medication impacted their lives. He realized that there are many luxuries that we take for granted in the United States that aren't available to billions of people globally. He strives to continue working on developing socially impactful solutions.

Hometown: Troy, MI